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Friday, September 15, 2017

Double Cheeseburger Day

Did you know:::
September 15th celebrates Double Cheeseburgers?? 

That the largest burger ever created was over 8,000 lbs and was cooked at the burger festival in Wisconsin

That the hamburger with a bun and ground beef patty was created in America

Meat lovers every where may consider today a national holiday since it is the day that commemorates that sandwich favorite of many that takes two all beef burger patties that are loaded with oozing cheese and a toasted bun. There are many ways that these wonderful sandwiches are prepared and served including with and without lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bacon, ketchup, pickles or even a secret sauce. 

O.k. O.k. we are getting ahead of ourselves and a bit excited as well. First just like the chicken and egg story we must step back to see just where this phenomena all began. Many believe that the cheese burger was created in 1924 by a young cook that got an idea. The idea may have cam from a number of ideas but while this young man by the name of Lionel Stemberger was working at his fathers sandwich shop in California one day he decided to change things up a bit. He added a slice of cheese to the popular burgers that were sold. 

However, like many great dishes there are more than one story that explains its invention. So the second story takes place in Loisville, Kentucky. In 1934 a Charles Kaelin may have invented the cheeseburger by adding cheese to offer his sandwiches a kick. The sandwich that Stemberger invented went by cheese hamburger but the sandwich from the KY state was known as a cheeseburger. Ofcourse the stories do not stop there.... 

The truth is that there are many stories of where and when the cheeseburger first appeared. As far as I know it may have been in someones home kitchen and this was never shared with anyone. But, when the second patty was added making it a double burger wow.... stars were singing The double was the start of the stackable sandwiches that come in many layers now but it all had to start somewhere. So today... we celebrate the double cheseburger.


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