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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Iris Flowers in May

The Iris is a tall beautiful flower that is named after the Greek goddess who rode rainbows. Iris's come in over 200 magical species similar to the great variety of colors in the rainbow. The Greek goddess Iris would carry messages from heaven to earth on the arc of the rainbow. Iris also would accompany female souls on the way to heaven. For this reason Greeks plant purple irises on women's graves so that Iris will guide them to their resting place.

The iris also means wisdom, hope, trust and valor. Iris's can grow in a variety of temperature zones around the world. In the 16th century BC irises were introduced to Egypt from Syria. Stylish Iris's decorate the scepters of pharaohs The colors of the iris give the flower symbolism as well

Purple irises symbolize royalty and wisdom

Yellow irises symbolize passion

Blue irises symbolize faith and hope

White irises symbolize purity

The great state of Tennessee honors the Iris as their state flower. The Iris is also the birth flower for those born in February. Those that stay together long enough to celebrate the 25th anniversary will be happy to see that the Iris is the flower that honors them

Iris's love the sun and need at least half a day of sun. Well drained soil is also a need of the Iris. Not given enough of either of these will leave the flower bloom less. Iris bulbs are best planted mid to late summer. Plant the bulb by digging a shallow hole 10 inches round and 4 inches deep. Place bulb in hole and fill the hole with soil and firm it gently. Water.

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