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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Infertility a Real Disease

one in eight couples struggles to build a family. No one should suffer through infertility alone. Reach out and know that you care. Simple I love you can let someone know you are thinking about them. Advice is great but listening to others may just let them feel even better.

I personally am a mom of six wonderful children. So you may be asking what if anything I care about infertility. My middle daughter has been trying for a few years to become a mom. Her and her husband would delight at the words "you are pregnant"

There are days that my daughter feels as if her body does not work properly as if she was given a broken body. She cries several times a week sometimes several times a day because she feels as if she can not give her husband a child.

What can you do to help your friend or loved one that may be going through their own infertility journey

  1. Some women that travel through infertility may not ovulate at all and telling them to "wait" and "be patient" or "relax" is never a good idea.
  2. Your friend does not really care to hear "there is a reason for everything" either as they do not know the reason or rhyme of what is happening to them
  3. Adoption may be a great idea for those who desire to adopt but those who are going through infertility may not even desire to talk about adoption
  4. My daughter has been on so many diets, fitness programs, etc.. to help herself get pregnant. Yes, they are aware of the fads and desire not desire to hear all about the ones you may just happen to hear about
  5. Do listen as it is often a way for them to vent and one of the best things you can do for the one you love.
  6.  hugs help a lot 
  7. stories of new born babies, someone being pregnant etc... may be great but to much of it can really bring a lady that infertile struggling to have their own child down.
The struggle is real and while there are many in the battle those on the forefront often feel they are alone. 


  1. if its meant to be it happens , i tried for 6 years and then along came my daughter , we'd pretty much given up at that point . She was a healthy beautiful miracle and the following year i got a son.

    1. Praise God!!! I wish for all those dealing with their own issues like my daughter will keep trying and one day reach their goal of being parents

      thanks for visiting and sharing your own story with us


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