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Sunday, May 14, 2017

An endangered Wild Flower

The Red Trillium is part of the Lily family. The wildflower can grow from 3/4 inch to as tall as 2 inch. The flower has a single stem and 3 leaves that spread widely at its apex. The stem will appear in shades light green to purple green. Leaves can measure as large as 3 to 8 inches long and across. The leaves are an odd oval shape, smooth along the margins and has a top leaf that is darker in color than the lower leavs.

This wild flower desires sunshine and lots of it. The Red Trillium has become an endangered wild flower here in Illinois. They seem to grow best in woodlands with oaks and maple trees. The plant gives off an odor that flesh flies, carrion beetles and other insects are attracted to. Moths have also been known to eat the plant for food. The foliage of the Red Trillium also attracts white tailed deer which has helped lead to the decline of this plant.

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