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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Recognizing All Student Employees

A student employee is a part time employee that is enrolled in at least 1/2 time credit load with the goal of achieving a degree. This is how many students like my son made it through college. He would work at the local campus store while not in class. He was just like any other employee with a schedule for work and also attending class. This helped him live in the dorms on campus as well as having a bit of money. These students balance work and their education. 

Do you know some student employees?? Are you involved in business that hires student employees?? Here are a few ways that you can say thank you 

Care packages are a great idea to give students when away from home. Include in these packages crackers, cookies, trail mix, or candy. 

There are times that being personal means the most. A personalized thank you note or an e-card stating your appreciation will put a smile on yours and their heart. 

Take your student out to lunch or bring lunch in. Something sweet like dessert or snack may be great as well.

During this week or any time a pat on the back is always appreciated. Someone saying that "a good job" was done can put a smile on any ones face. 

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