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Friday, December 30, 2016

Win The Battle of Chores

Tired of having battles with your children to get them to do their chores?? Perhaps this tip will help you cut that battle a bit. Make the work of chores into a game. Find a printable game / chore sheet here. Then:

Decide how much each chore is worth.
Choose an allowance with a corresponding point value.
Set a time frame.Weekly? Monthly? 
Upon completion of a chore, check it off the list

The earn your allowance checklist will make chores fun and easy. The game tool helps parents and kids alike. The reward system allows kids to earn points by doing chores or homework. Parents get help around the house with out a fight as well as no homework battles. After the points are earned kids are rewarded with allowance. The checklist will help keep things tidy and fun for all. 

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