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Monday, November 21, 2016

Turkey Day Duo appetizer and decor

Greet your guest with this turkey and they will love it. A bit of gobble gobble and a whole lot of appetizer will put smiles on everyone's face  

A Cheese Ball of your choice
A Heaping Tbsp of Cream Cheese
Toasted Wheat Crackers
Black Olive
Red Bell Pepper


Set the cheese ball on your serving plate. Take a table knife and score 1/2 inch slits into the cheese ball, placing the crackers (the feathers) gently into the slits as you cut them. Mold cream cheese into a small, round ball (for the head) and place it on the top front of the cheese ball. Add small olive pieces for eyes, a tip of a carrot as the beak, and a red bell pepper for the wattle and feet. 

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