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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Tips To Get Your Children To Eat Veggies

As a parent we strive  to make sure that they eat nutritious and balanced meals. We can plan and prepare good meals for the family but the problem is that our children may refuse to eat what we serve. Do you try and try and always have problems with getting your child to eat their veggies?? Well, you are not alone. I struggled with this as a parent and finally found some ideas and they have worked for both my grand-children and children. 

One thing that worked for our family was to make a family meal plan together. This way they had input into what they would be eating. They do not have total control as the parents hold that it is only that they feel that they can put in their ideas of what they want as well. 

Create a pact with your child that they are allowed to decide if and how much they eat. While this sounds as if the children are in full control it is a bit different as the pressure is taken off allowing them to want to test and try what they think they do not like. This often means they will want to eat more. 

Place structure in their meal plan by having certain times for meals and snacks. Eating as a family will help build exposure and role modeling. It allows your child to gain an attitude to try new foods like veggies, chicken and fish. Family dining allows children to feel secure and promotes the desire to nutritionally rich foods

Take time to get your child involved in the cooking. There are many things that they can do depending on their age. Letting them see how food is prepared and cooked will challenge to eat more.

Do you have an great ideas?? Would love to have you share them in comments.

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