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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Safe Way To Have Fun At Amusement Park

This summer there were many reports of individuals that were hurt or had family members hurt on amusement park rides. While I am not a love of amusement park rides I do have family members including my grand-babies that do love them. So to be ready I did a bit of research and located a few safety tips I thought I would share here with you.

Pay attention to the recommended age, height, weight and health restrictions. While these are often over looked they are there for a reason which is to keep you safe. These restrictions should be obeyed

If it is a ride that you have not seen before then take a moment to watch the ride and before going on it. This way you will know what to expect while riding. In most cases you can follow this step while standing in line to get your turn

Ask questions if something seems wrong to you. Do not be afraid or assume you know why something happened as it may be a matter of safety. Be sure that you are strapped in properly as well
While it may be fun to have your hands up in the air the safest way to ride the rides is to keep your had, hands, legs, arms and feet inside the ride at all times. Keep your safety belt , lap bars, shoulder harness on during the ride. Finally when exiting the ride follow the directions the ride controller is offering. 

Have fun out there riding all the great amusement ride. Take your time riding the rides and take breaks between them. I know you are excited to be at the amusement park but its better to be safe and have great time than to be part of the evening news. 

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