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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

World Breast Feeding Week

Hello!! My name is angie and I am the mom of 4 children, 2 others that we were blessed to help raise and many others that we have somehow been included in path of their lives. With all of these children I always strive to help and offer the best to each. One of the best things to do in every young child's life is breast feeding. 

The first week of August is world Breast Feeding week. In 2016 there is a group that is raising awareness of the link between breast feeding and sustainable development goals. Starting at the beginning respects each other and care for the world we share. Reasons that breast feeding is important include:

Breastfeeding is a natural and low cost way of feeding babies and children. Breast milk is something that does not burden household budgets like artificial feeding can and can help stop poverty. 

Two years of exclusive breast feeding can provide high quality nutrients and adequate energy and can also help prevent hunger, mal-nutrition and obesity. Breast feeding also improves the health, development and survival of infants and children. Mothers health and well being are also improved 

Breast feeding on demand provides all the water a baby needs. Hot weather will not be a problem because the baby will stay hydrated. Formula feeding requires access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation. This makes breast feeding the best portable way to go.

Breast feeding provides a healthy, viable, non-polluting, non resource intensive sustainable and natural source of nutrition and sustenance Breast feeding makes less waste compared to formula feeding. Industrial formula production and distribution lead to waste that pollutes the seas and affects marine life. Breast feeding also is ecological compared to formula feeding. Formula production demands dairy farming that affects the earth systems where as breast feeding is natural. 

For these reasons and many more give some thought to breast feeding. It may be the best for you. I was given the opportunity to breast feed one of my children. It was a bonding experience like no other. I was not able to breast feed the other three for one reason or another so if you are able to breast feed accept it with open arms and if not know that you are doing the best for your child.


  1. I Breast fed all four of my kiddos. I recommend it to anyone. I seen a difference, when it came to ear infections and allergies, when they were weaned. Great Post!!

  2. You have pointed out many of the benefits of breast feeding. AT this point I think so many people believe it is the best.

  3. I bottle fed my eldest and my youngest through choice, but breastfed my middle child until just before his 2nd birthday. It has so many benefits.

  4. I never know we have a Breast Feeding week, but this sounds like a wonderful idea to raise awareness on the importance of breast feeding & the health benefits to the child as well. I am a mom of 2 and I have always loved breast feeding as the first choice for my kids!

  5. Didn't know abt this until i read your post :) I learned something. Thanks for sharing!


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