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Monday, August 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Odie

Today is Odie Day. Odie you ask who exactly is that?? Well, Odie is often out shined by his friend Garfield. But all the same Odie is the a fictional character in a Jim Davis comic strip titled Garfield Odie has been featured in shows like Garfield and Friends, and The Garfield Show. Loved by many as Garfields loyal sidekick a wire haired dachshund / terrier mix that Garfield refers to as a "purebred clown"

Jim Davis the creator of Odie came up with the idea after writing a car dealership commercial. Odie in the commercial was a village idiot. Since Davis liked the name Odie he used it again. However, when Garfield was first submitted to those in charge the part of the dog was called spot. It was changed after he found out that a fellow artist had used the name spot for a dog in another piece of work. Odie was introduced in the cartoon strip August 8, 1978.  The human character Jon in the cartoon strip adopted Odie at a veterinarian center.


  1. Happy Birthday to Odie (I remember that one! :D )

  2. Happy Birthday Odie! I use to love watching that show.

  3. Happy Birthday Odie! I used to have a little stuffed Odie on my desk. Now where did that go?

  4. I wish you a happy happy birthday Odie!

  5. Happy Birthday to Odie! I remember that show.


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