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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August 9th Through The Years:

This date in history has held many first and other important dates here are just a few that caught my interest. You may want to do some research to see what else might catch yours

  1831: the first steam locomotive began its first trip between Schenectady & Albany, NY. 

Alva Fisher helped to make the slave chore of washing clothes easier with the first electric washer

Betty Boop dixie dishes appeared in 1930

1973 - The U.S. Senate committee investigating the Watergate affair filed suit against President Richard Nixon. 

1974 - U.S. PresidentRichard Nixon formally resigned. Gerald R. Ford took his place, and became the 38th president of the U.S. 

1981 - Major league baseball teams resumed play at the conclusion of the first mid-season players’ strike.

What was your most remarkable moment on this date through the years?? 

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