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Monday, August 15, 2016

Back To School

There are just days before the first day of school. The mad dash of getting everything ready for the first day has also started. Ensuring that the needed paperwork is filled out, school supplies and clothes are purchased, getting back into the school routine and this year a very important task of a back to school contract.

The Back to School contract or BTS is a contract between parents and students. The purpose of this contract is to help students to stay on task and save stress from the parents. So when they begin to argue over the time to go to bed or homework schedule all you must do is to point at the contract and remind them that it is a sealed deal.  The debate time is over because it has all ready been decided and outlined in the BTS contract.

Included in the contract:
Bedtime: decide what time is appropriate, this should be discussed between parent and child with a appropriate bedtime being decided upon. You may decide as I have before that quiet time and lights out is a different and allow a period of 15 to 30 minutes between the two. 

chores: What will you expect your child to do?? Spell out exactly what their chores are and how you want them done. Include making bed, cleaning room and any hygiene expectations as well

Television or Electronics: how much time will they be allowed to watch T.V. or use the electronics. First, homework must be finished and checked and all chores must be done. When they are allowed to enjoy this is also something that should be in the contract.

Include anything else in the contract you see that may be means of debate and needs discussed before school starts. All must sign the agreement.

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