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Monday, June 13, 2016

Weed Your Garden Day

For those that love their yard, gardening and raising flowers know the annoyance of weeds. Pulling weeds is one method of getting rid of them. There are a few easier ideas as well. To me when we are in the heat of summer easier sounds better. So here are a few ideas:

Using mulch can help block the weeds. Mulch is a covering that blocks daylight and thus stops weeds from growing. Mulch should be used to cover soil between your plants and along rows. Ensure that the mulch is kept a few inches from the base of your plant to make sure that the plant can still grow. The mulch will also help discourage insect invasions. Mulch can be anything from wheat straw, shredded leaves or other material that is organic. It should be layered on the ground where you desire it to be about 2 inches thick.
Another idea is to cover the area with damp newspaper first (black ink only) and then cover with mulch like above. Use landscape fabric around base of trees and shrubs and then cover the fabric with mulch.
Use plant cover-ups to give spring plants a healthy head start. The cover-up crop helps to ensure popular way to prevent soil erosion, block weeds, and add nutrients back into the soil Cover up plants are an alternative to animal manure or fertilizer. The size of the garden does not matter any size can use cover crops. Cover crops should be planted in late summer or early fall after harvest in northern areas and any time in the south. Find a list of cover up plants for your area here
Sometimes the only thing to do is to dig the roots of the weed up if they continually come back. Dig the weed up using a shovel or digging fork to ensure you dig up the roots. This is hard work so make sure you hold the item like a child holding a crayon to eliminate wrist pressure

Find out more great ways to control weeds here

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  1. I wish I read this post on Saturday morning! I just put new mulch around my trees and def did not leave space near the tree trunk. I will have to go fix that tomorrow morning!


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