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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Smile Today

Today , share the power of your smile. It is easy to feel the power. Simply smile at someone and watch them smile back. Today spend time sharing your smile with everyone you see. We never know when our smile just might help someone having a bad day.

It may be love that makes the world go round but a smile makes the world a happier place. Have you ever seen a smile spread as one person smiles the next does as well and the next and before you know it a chain has started. The smile must be sincere to see this in action for if the smile is forced will never work or be good for anything

A smile can add years to your life as you life a happier person. It also can make someone else a happier person. It changes the mood of the on offering the smile as the one that receives. A great smile is perfect for business and helps to improve relationships. It is also easier to smile than frown.

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