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Friday, June 24, 2016

Swim a Lap Day

Looking to have a bit of summer fun, get some exercise and participate in today's special event. Well you can do all three of these as Swim a Lap Day. 

Around here everyone waits for summer to come and the pool to open. My boss lives her off time in and around the pool. You can tell this by her beautiful tan. So today participate and take a lap or two around the pool. Its a great fun way to get some exercise to help keep you fit. 

The weather here is sunny and hot and the pool will help us all cool off. Get together with a few friends, have a pool party and celebrate by taking a lap around the pool. 

Before visiting that pool and taking a lap be sure to keep in mind some safety tips. 
  • Be sure to swim where there is a lifeguard on duty.
  • There are rules to keep your safety in mind. Be sure to see and obey all rules                                                                     
  • If you choose to go swimming somewhere keep life jackets and first aid kit near by
  • Take a buddy when you go swimming, swimming alone could be and is dangerous
  • When near or in water always keep close eye on children. Likewise, when walking beside or near pools don't run and walk slowly.
  • Be sure to swim where your level of experience in swimming allows you. In other words if you are a learner, swim at the shallow end instead of the deep part. 
  • Swimming and eating or chewing gum is never a good idea.
  • Remember the waterproof sunscreen with higher SFP leve. This will help protect your skin from the dangerous rays. Wear a hat and sunglasses. 
  • Never share your beach towels with others
  • In the heat remember to drink lots of water while outside the pool

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  1. Swimming is the best thing about summer I think. It is such good exercise. I prefer the beach but I never met a pool I didn't like.


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