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Friday, April 29, 2016

It's Summer Time A Great Time To Work and then Play

Memorial day to many signifies the first day of summer. It is the day that I simply love. The local pool opens, grills are fired up and the weather is normally a day to enjoy as well. It is also the day that the season changes and time for seasonal organization. Keeping the items that need to be refrigerated on a special shelf in the fridge makes it easy to see what you need as well as no extra runs to the store. 

Do you have a swimming pool?? I bet you love having your own pool. It's a great time to get out there and enjoy the sun and have a bit of fun. Pools are also great way to exercise Preparing the pool and keeping in well taken care of could be a chore. There are a few things you can do to keep this chore to a minimum.  Organization once again can save the day. Keep all needed supplies such as chlorine testers, pool patches, brushes and anything that is needed to clean or use pool Keeping pool toys in a tub near the pool is yet another great way to know where all is. No more searching for that favorite toy is in your future if you keep all items where they should be. 

While summer is full of fun there are those chores that must be done but may not be fun. Mowing the grass, gardening, washing the car, cleaning out the garage and cleaning the pool. To make it a bit more fun have the whole family move in. With all getting involved the chores will take less time and make room for more fun. Create a chore schedule so that the whole family knows what must be done. Assign chores to family members will save time and energy as well. 

Family outings that are either free or low cost can often be easily located in your local newspaper. Fairs, festivals, outdoor concerts sporting events, library summer programs and more are normally free or low cost to enter. Find out what is going on in your neighborhood and take advantage of family fun time I am sharing a great list of ideas that I found on the great www 

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  1. OOh, I've got so much to clean and organize before the hot weather is here. I'm making some progress but lots more to do. Enjoy your organizing and play :-)


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