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Monday, April 25, 2016

Important Talks

The goal of parents is to bring awareness to our children of dangers out there It is our job to direct their paths and along the way have some serious talks. One of the most important talks that we can have with our children is one about sex. With the world as it is sometimes this talk comes sooner than we expect but along the way we may have several to help our children understand the dangers in the world.

one of the best tools that helped me have this talk with our children was the church. Our church has lessons for children as well as adults to help all understand the dangers of sex. The silver ring thing helps students to stay innocent until their marriage date. If a time comes when the talk of virginity passes it then becomes the time to discusses the dangers involved with sex. One of these is STD's

Summer is a time for love. It is a good thing as long as that love is safe and we are all prepared. April is STD awareness month. While it may not be a comfortable conversation with our children it is a very important conversation to have We are there to protect our children in all things and the dangers of STD's is something that can harm our children when they have no knowledge or are scared to discuss any issues with adults in their lives.

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