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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Act as Young As You Feel

I was blessed with two grandmothers. Both worked hard and were farmers wives. One of my grandmothers worked at life trying to stay young, going to dr's , dieting, active with young people and whatever else she could do to stay young. The other believed that God had it all under control she was as active as the other but in older circles, she did not wear a lot of makeup but always looked nice and do not recall her ever being on a diet. They both were happy and loved me but they just did things differently as one of them was a bit afraid of getting old.

You are as young as you feel. I am sure you have heard this one liner before. It is true in a way and if you do not want to age there are a few ways that you can keep your self from feeling old.

Start with these litte detail:

  • Take care of your skin, do not just say it looks like that because of age. My skin looks tired and dehydrated because of getting old. Old is permanent and the two factors described are temporary that can be cared for by sleep, fluids, and moisture for your skin.
  • Forgetting is something that happens whether you are young or old but if you think to your self that forgetting is a sign of getting old and that is the reason you forget then you may give yourself a complex. So stop thinking old and simply write yourself a list if needed
  • Aches and pains come in all ages. My grand-daughter complains about her knee and feet hurting so if you hurt then don't automatically add it up to being old. Take more care, look after your body and posture and see if that helps any.
  • Accept more ways to get out and be social. I have a friend that says she goes til she comes home "Sleep is overrated" and thus there will always be room for it later. Age does not make us need more sleep there have been studies that show that we may need less. Fun energizes the body and keeping fun and variety in your life will help you keep young
  • Your clothing choices may make you feel old as well. So you may not want to wear the new fashions it does not mean that you have to wear the older fashions either. Wear clothes that flatter your figure rather than your age. Stylish, bright colors and picking up a little on current trends will make you feel better and look better. 
  • You are not an antique little girl or boy you are simply young at heart. Your youthful mild is never old and should be reffered to as such. The retiring age has went up to 67 years and many are making it and working past So don't count yourself short by making old age jokes about your self.
  • Learning and education keeps your mind young. Don't let yourself get set in your ways where you think you can learn no more. That is a good way to make your self feel old. Embrace new things when they come your way, get in there learn how it all works. The brain is an organ that you use or lose  so keep using it

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