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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Legend of St. Nicholas

We have all heard of St. Nicholas but do we really know who he was?? Saint Nicholas was a Christian Saint who lived in the country of Greece. He worked among the needy people and cared for the children. He had left behind his worldly values and followed Christ into ministry became a priest and later a bishop of the early Catholic church.

St. Nicholas inspired the hanging of the stockings. He was known to travel and throw gold coins into the windows of the needy. When one bag of gold coins landed into the stocking of a child news quickly traveled and all children started hanging their stockings by the chimney. It was their "hopes that St. Nicholas sound would be there".

In the 1800s the life story of St. Nicholas inspired the creation of Santa Claus. It was in America that the story evolved into the legend of Santa Claus and how generous he was to children. Santa Claus however, is largely a non-religious character

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