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Friday, October 30, 2015

Pastor Appreciation Month

Being the leader of any thing is not an easy job. Being the leader of a church better known as the pastor, preacher, reverend and so many other titles. October is set aside as the month as pastor appreciation month.
Ideas to help show your appreciation:
personal notes of encouragement go a long way. Let the pastor know that you do appreciate him and pray for him and his family. 
Have the children in the church present a collage of their art created for the pastor. It may also be a good idea to have the students sign the piece of art work. The gift will keep giving watch the young children grow up in the church
Present a picture of the church or church congregation to the pastor. The framed picture would be even better if the members were able to somehow sign their name or family name
Get the pastors wife in on the gift. Using her input make offer the pastors office or buy needed materials that the pastor needs for his job. A coat of fresh paint, updated décor, new furniture, new commentaries, or computer upgrade would all make nice gifts.
Send a gift basket of the pastors favorite snacks. Host a church dinner in the pastors honor. 
The pastor is God's servant and as the flock we should respect and appreciate His servant. Do something whether small or big to show how much you appreciate your pastor.
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