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Friday, April 4, 2014

National Walk To Work Day

The first Friday in April is always walk to work day. It is beautiful outside here, a whole lot wet, but what a great day it would be to take a walk. What is it like in your neighborhood. Have you been out to take a look what the storm did, what flowers are coming up , or even what is a bit different in your neighborhood? Maybe today is that day to take a walk.

The secretary of health and human services has declared the first Friday in April as national walk to work day. Because the threat of obesity and sedentary lifestyles among us this day was created. It is a great start of a way to start an exercise program to get into shape. If it is not possible for you to walk to work then take a walk during lunch or at another time today. The goal is to get everyone walking 30 minutes a day. That simple 30 minute walk will improve ones health by lowering weight, less chance of heart disease, less risk of diabetes and many more health benefits.

Walking is free of charge but gives more benefits than one can imagine. A simple walk is healthy and relaxing. Perhaps today is the day to make walking part of your life style


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