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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Namesake Day

Namesake Day encourages you to explore the roots of your name, to find out if you were named after somebody of something in particular, and to research and connect with people who share the same name as you.

I can remember in third grade taking the baby book and researching what our name meant. My name means angel  and I was  able to draw a beautiful angel. The story is I got that name when the doctor who delivered me looked at me and told my mother that I looked like a heavenly angel. So that is where my first name is from but my middle name comes from my mother who shares the same middle name. I love it now that I am older and I am proud to share it with my mother.

My mother herself was named after the ship that my grandfather was on. The melita was a ship that first took to the water in 1913 , 31 years before my mothers birth.

Is there a story behind your name? I would love to hear it

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