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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Love Bugs

I simply love simple pom pom crafts perfect for grade school children and even younger children when parents help
You will need
Wooden clothespins
White Glue
Pom Pom's
Pipe Cleaners
Construction paper (optional)
Googly eyes (optional)
Magnet strips (optional)

Check the local dollar tree or dollar store for craft supplies you may be surprised by what they have.
Four small pom poms will fit on the clothespin without any trouble but if you want the love bug to look fuller try squeezing on 5. Spread glue generously over the top of the clothespin and add the pom poms one by one. When the glue dries cut a small portion of pipe cleaner and fold it into a "V" shape and glue between the first 2 pom poms. You can add eyes if you want but they are not really needed. For valentine day also super cute to add small construction paper hearts to the top of the antennae. Glue magnet strips ad sometimes you can find these with peeloff backs making it easier to use. Place strip on the bottom o the bugs

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