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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Its Tater Day

If you are a fan of the spud, then today is for you. For centuries they have been sliced, fried, boiled, baked, puréed, and served. Carbs be damned!

Celebrating February 8

National “Potato Lover’s” Day

Potato Facts:
A. The word , potato, is derived from a Native American word “Batata”
B. The first cultivated potatoes date back to 500o BC in Peru. Originally, they were purple. When cooked they turn a deep blue color.
C. Most of the nutrients found in potatoes are in the skin.
D. Sweet potatoes are distant relatives of the common potato, while Yams are not potatoes at all, they  botanically are considered lilies.
E. The average American eats 140 pounds of potatoes per year.
F. The word spud actually means “to dig a small hole in the grown, similar to spade, a tool to dig small holes.
G.  The Spanish claim that they first introduced the potato to Europe in 1550 while the Irish say that it was in 1585 when Sir Walter Raleigh introduced the potato to Europe.
Daily Quote:
My idea of heaven is a great big baked potato & someone to share it with.” ~Oprah
Bacon Potato Soup
5 large baking potatoes, cooked and cut in 1-inch cubes
8 slices thick cut bacon, cooked until crisp and chopped (reserve some for topping)
2 – 3 tbsp. bacon drippings
1 cup sweet onions, chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
2/3 cup all-purpose flour
6 cups chicken broth
2 cups half and half
1 celery stalk, diced
1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped
1 1/2 teaspoon dried basil
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon coarsely ground pepper
1/2 teaspoon hot sauce
shredded cheddar cheese, for garnish
  1. You'll need to start by preparing your potatoes and bacon (be sure to reserve bacon grease)
  2. Using a large stock pot over medium heat, cook onion in bacon drippings, stirring frequently, until translucent. Add garlic and flour, stirring well and cook another 2 minutes, stirring often.
  3. Slowly add chicken broth to onion and garlic and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until mixture is thickened and bubbly. Stir in potatoes, half-and-half, and next 6 ingredients. Bring to a simmer, and cook, uncovered, 10 minutes (do not boil). Stir in bacon.
  4. Serve hot. Spoon into bowls and garnish with cheddar cheese and bacon.
  5. Share and enjoy!

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