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Friday, September 27, 2013

Chocolate Milk Day

Yummy!!! Today, September 27 is national chocolate milk day. So we all know that chocolate milk comes from brown cows lol but to tell the truth it is fairly easy to make a glass of chocolate milk One more step and you come up wit the chocolate milk shake.

What you need :
Chocolate ice- cream, milk, spoon, a cup, sugar,blender,whip cream,some chocolate chip,a cherry.
Step one: get a spoon a cup a blender.
Step two: put your chocolate ice-cream in your blender and milk with sugar now blend it all together.
Step three: when it is all blended in together put your chocolate milk shake in a clean cup. Put a little tiny sugar in if it needs it - then mix your chocolate milk shake altogether until the sugar is gone.
Step four: put a lot of cream on top of the chocolate milk shake if you like and at last the chocolate chip on top and a cherry on top.

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