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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day with some fun activities

Johnny Appleseed would be celebrating his birthday today on September 26. Johnny Appleseed is a character that I have always found interesting. Born John Chapman he not only scattered and planted apple seeds but also spread the joy of the love of Jesus. He was a happy tall skinny looking man who thanked God for all he had. His travels took him through Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Want more information about this great man Johnny Appleseed will visit this link and read more about him.

Now take a fun look at this clip about the American Hero Johnny Appleseed

An easy craft that will help you and your little one celebrate Johnny Appleseed day is to create an apple tree using their handprints and a bit of imagination

  • Blue construction paper or Blue card stock
  • Brown, Green, Yellow, Red and Orange construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

  • Have the children trace their hands 2 times on the green construction paper.
    Next, have the children cut out their 4 handprints.
    Then, have the children draw and cut out a tree trunk from brown construction paper.
    After that, have the children draw small circles on yellow, red and orange construction paper.
    You want them to draw about 20- 30 circles.
    Once done, have the children cut out all the circles.  The circles will be the apples.
    Now, it’s time to assemble the Apple tree!
    Using glue, have the children paste the tree trunk onto blue construction paper.
    On top of of tree trunk, have the children glue on the 4 handprints.  These will be the tree’s branches and leaves.
    Lastly, have the children glue the apples all over the tree’s branches and leaves.

    craft source here

    Caramel Apple Pie would be a good tasty treat to share on Johnny Appleseed day

    Hope you have lots of fun teaching your child or grandchild about Johnny Apple Seed.

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