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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Year in a Glance

The new year has brough my thoughts to people, places and events of the past as well as thoughts of what the new year may bring. I believe the way I think has a lot to do with my dad. Many thought he was a fly by pants king of guy when he would do what he wanted without warning or forsight. The truth is though that he thought all the time, he was always a step ahead of the game. He always knew his next step and when he didnt well he would just make it up as he went along. I believe, or what to believe, that I am that type of person. It seems to come easy to me. When I do get in a rut there are two things that I do I look up to heaven and say "ok dad what is it you would do" and then I get on my knrees and pray to my heavenly father. You know he is the one with even more answers that my dad. But anyways to get back onto subject this year 2012 has really been one to provide lots of ups and downs.

January 2012, would be the celebration for my moms birthday. My mom, my rock, my strength that I can rely on I really dont know what I would do without her. It has not always been this way though. Years ago I was so rebeloious against her. I look at her now and wonder why she is who she is. She is the type of person who lets you be who you are. She may not always like it and may have her own thoughts but generally keeps them to herself. She is a person that has strong will, oh my does she ever but allows your strong will to shine through as well. I love you mom.

February 2012, leap day tornado. I think our lives in this little town changed forever and in our family as well. There are not many family members or friends that in some way were not affected by the tornado that ripped through our town of Harrisburg Illinois. I can remember walking down the alley from our house where houses had been destroyed and all was crazy. Heading out and checking on our neighbors. I am sure that my husband will never forget the twisting tornado that he saw that morning as well. When I was getting all the kids to safety he took a second glance and saw that monster that ripped through our town. In all there were lives lost, houses destroyed and interruption in many lives. My brothers house was destroyed, my house was damaged and oh there were friends who lost lives as well. God was here in the storm though and I saw him in every day life in things that could not have been possible. In the meals that were provided, in the man who came to remove the trees from my yard and the people who showed up one day to board our window shut. God was here and is strong as always. Our little town is coming together to stay together.

March 2012, a hard month but one that seemed to go by fairly quickly. In this month and the ones that followed our saw our family get stronger. The spring would bring many family gatherings as well.

April 2012, My daughter met a boy... and Justin was his name.... They came together and life was never the same...

May 2012. My oldest son came home from college We would notice subtle changes at this time, something was wrong but was not sure at this time what it was. We would find out December 2012 that he was dealing with some mental issues and he would start seeking help. Family genetics playing a big part but family playing an even bigger part embracing him with love as he traveled through this as we all do.

June 2012 so much going on now weather warmer , working a lot

July 2012 trip up to my dads grave where I had not been for several years. A sense of renewal, being able to see the graves of many family members. The cemetary being a 6 hour drive is the reason for it being such a long period of time between visits. Place flowers on his grave and tell him that I love him and about all of his grandchildren and great grandchildren life has changed a lot and I will always miss him and I know he would be so proud of how everything is going.

August 2012 three of my oldest children decide that they will try to venture out on their own. As their mom I want to say "No don't go" but as their mom I want to say it is time for you to grow your wings and fly I will be here to catch you if you need me and I was as in November / December 2012 they would return as they jobs were gone and they were out of money.

September 2012. WOw I turned another year older decided that this was my life and I was taking it by the bull straps

October 2012 me and my youngest son enter into a business together. Still one to be put into a shop of sorts but still a business looking forward to seeing where this goes in 2013

November 2012 our lives dealing with bi/polar begins an we start learning more about it and how we can help our son

December 2012 all of my children but one home and I miss her so much. Grandbabies enjoy their christmas and life is good

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  1. Sounds like we have similar families, but I've only had one return home. But letting them go is so HARD!!


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