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Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather
a beautiful day of sorts (even though I am writing this in the evening) I am loving the crisp mornings and warm days with the beautiful colors of fall

Right Now I am
enjoying the rest of the night with my hubby discussing the beauty that God created

about tommorow and what we must do and want to do and the beautiful fall weather we have been having

On My Reading Pile
actually searching for a great book I love historical fiction from the depression era anyone have any ideas?

On My TV

On menu this week
You can find some great fall pictures as well as our menu here

On my to do list
have to work tommorow
meeting at work
some house work
supper with family
relaing in evening

What am I creating
some beautiful wreaths for christmas

homemaking tips
be creative in how you serve your family today use nature to make table display

Looking around the house
house is starting to calm down as the teens are preparing for bed and me and hubby are in our room watching tv. There was a lot I could still do today but so tired and knowing I have to work the work will hold off til tommorow

From the camera

one of our favorite places is down on the river. I think the guys are looking at fish jumping

On My Prayer List
several of my friends have lost close family members as of late and they are in my prayers as well as family and friends

Happy Homemaker Monday

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  1. I don't know how your taste in books run, but I just went to Goodreads dot com and did a quick search on their listopia with "depression historical fiction" and a bunch of cool lists popped up. also you can do a similar search at library thing dot com. I'm a big historical fiction junky. That's all I read.


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