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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Daddy Scrubs

When a baby is born a lot of attention of course is placed on it and his or her mama. In the olden days the daddy would be out in the waiting room ready to hand out cigars to all friends, family members and any new father may be there as well. While more attention has been spent on the new daddys of now Daddy Scrubs offers a way that there will be no mistake who fathered the new ball of joy. Daddy Scrubs make the perfect new dad gifts

DaddyScrubs introduced its line of Daddy Gifts, including their signature DaddyScrubs, I'm the Daddy tees, hoodies, hats and accessories in September 2009. The line of Daddy Scrubs has been created by a father for every stage of fatherhood.  The perfect expectant father gifts allows you to give the new father to show off his pride. Whether a frantic first timers whose excitement has pumped them up to the cooler veteran fathers who have visited the maternity ward before. Both fathers will be able to feel the pride of being a new father and deserve to feel special and comfortable during this special time period.  So nothing better to wear special scrubs perfect for the delivery room entitled "I'm The Daddy"

I’m the daddy! Medical Scrubs features a v-neck scrub top with left chest pocket. Comfortable and easy to wear. Drawstring pants featuring one hip pocket and two slash pockets. The scrub set is made of cotton allowing Daddy to stay cool when the heat is on.

Daddy's are no longer expected to stay in the waiting room and now with Daddy Scrubs they can be prepared and announce their pride with the cute Daddy Scrubs allowing every one to know who exactly the daddy is. After the baby is born daddies can still announce "I'm the Daddy" while they lounge around in the scrubs. 

The scrubs are roomy enough allowing daddy to not feel confined and be able to move freely. Material used to create the scrubs also seems soft enough to be comfortable but strong enough to stand up as well. They make the perfect daddy to be gift as well so before you head to the shower with only mom and baby in mind remember daddy is part of the connection as well.

Check out Daddy's Scrubs for your self on their website at You can also find them on twitter and facebook

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