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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Top 10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

It seems that many of my friends and family members have drank the same water. Yes that is right it is found in the water LOL!!! Well anyways that is the old saying the truth is that many of my friends and family have been blessed and are expecting little bundles of joy. Now those of us who love them are ready to share our love and have a party to celebrate the new life. Many of us will attend or host a baby shower. Among the top gifts that moms and babies can use and make great baby shower gifts include

1. bouncy seat
2. baby monitor
3. bedding
4. baby sling
5. activity gyms or toys
6. bath kit
7. eating utensils including bibs and highchairs
8. babys day out strollers, etc...
9. sleep kit
10. services that offer help for the new parents

I feel these are top shower gifts because not only are they items that help the baby and ones that are needed but also they are gifts that mommy and daddy will appreciate. Yes I still believe that those gift givers that offer diapers and clothes are awesome as well. We know those items are needed but if you want to give a bigger gift then please by all means take an idea off my top 10 list.


  1. Great gift ideas! I'll have to look back at this when I'm attending the next baby shower!

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  3. Stunning gift ideas i like to gift of one of them use when i need it.

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