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Friday, May 4, 2012

Aloha Friday

Welcome to Friday, a rest and relaxation days for those in Hawaii. It is the day to prepare for the weekend it is also the day for an awesome meme hosted by an Island Life. It is where busy bloggers like myself ask fellow busy bloggers easy to answer questions. My question today is

Have you planned a summer time getaway? What are your plans? How long have you been planning


  1. We always go to the Outer Banks, North Carolina for two weeks. We just booked our vacation house. Can't wait. Aloha from the State of Virginia

  2. We always go somewhere for 2 weeks - right now I'm plotting our route for the road trip from PA to Seattle we'll be doing in June to visit my family in WA - with a stop in Nevada to visit my best friend for a day or two. This is sort of a last minute decision since we recently found out my dad has water on the brain, so we want to get out there for a visit 'just in case', even though we're planning to move back there next summer. :)

    Aloha Friday: Cash or Credit?

  3. I'm taking my two older girls to Disneyland next month! Can't wait!


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