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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Morning Music Rocks When Was You Born?

The Partridge Family Opening Theme Song. In the pilot episode this group of musical siblings convinces their mother to help them out by singing with them as they record a pop song in their garage. Through the efforts of the 10-year-old son Danny, they find a manager who helps make the song a Top-40 hit. After some more convincing, Mom finally agrees that the family can go on tour. They acquire an old school bus, paint it and depart to Las Vegas for their first live gig at Caesars Palace.

Each subsequent episode features the band performing in various locations and types of venues. The shows would often contrast their suburban life with the adventures of a show-biz family "on the road". After the first season the show focused more on the "at home" themes and less on their touring. The series originally ran from September 25, 1970 until August 31, 1974 on the ABC television network, as part of the Friday night lineup following The Brady Bunch. It had a few subsequent runs in syndication.

Monday Music moves me them this week is sharing a song from the year you were born. I was very lucky because there were many great songs of that year and decade. I decided to share this song because while i was born in 1970 I can remember watching this show not at its original airing time but when I was a teen ager in re-runs right after school.



  1. For some reason I never got into the Partridge Family although at that time I was a single mom with four kids & working my butt off! Guess that would be a l bit of a reason huh! Great choice though! Thanks for playing along with us. Great theme today I know everyone had fun. If there's a theme you'd like to do just let me know.

  2. I didn't see this, but so glad you are dancing with us! :)


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