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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Corn Cob Painting

Where I live it is nearly time for farmers to head into the fields to reap the rewards of their harvest. A fun thing to do this time of year is to try out corn cob printing with your toddler. I can remember walking the freshly combined fields and finding left over pieces of corn. The dried corn on the cob offers a texture that can easily be used for creating a painting print. Perhaps on a fall day when the weather is not so grand you will want to try this fun craft.

•paper plates (for paint)

•ears of corn (some stripped of kernels, some with kernels)

•tempera paint

•paper (large sheets if available)

Eat some corn a day or so before! (or simply head out to the field and get a few cobs)  Cover a table with newspaper, and place paper on top. Dip corn cobs in paint, roller-style, and roll along the paper in any direction. Use different colors for different effects. Compare prints made by cobs with and without kernels

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