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Friday, June 18, 2010

How To Fix A Jammed Window

It is pretty warm where I live now and without AC, Fans and breezes through the window one would be very uncomfortable. So what do you do when a window is jammed? Save some money and try these simple steps out first


  • lubricate window tracks on the sides of the window For metal you will want to use a silicone spray, for wood use candle wax by rubbing the end of the candle along the tracks
  • If the window seems stuck in place you will want to get a small piece of wood and whack it with a hammer slightly along the top edge of the lower window (the sash)

  • If the window is stuck due to layers of paint you will need to use paint thinner and a rag to remove the layers of paint.

I hope this helps you and allows you to get a fresh breeze in your window again

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