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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Time Snack Ideas

Summer Time is here and one thing that kids and teens as well as mom and dad do alot in the summer is snack. Some great snacks ideas that will please teens are:

Bugs on a Stick:
This is an easy snack to make and your children can even help out. Simply wash a stalk of celery, cut in 3 pieces, fill the inside of the stalk of celery with peanut butter then top the peanut butter with four or five raisins (bugs)

Jiggly Jell-o treats:
again a fun snack to make that will allow a bit of fun while creating a great snack. Using cookie cuters (metal works best) you will be able to cut jello into all sorts of shapes. First make jello in a shallow square pan. Chill in fridge for 1 hour or til firm and wiggly. When firm you can cut the various fun shapes add a bit of whip cream to top it off.

Frozen Juice Pops-
I can remember my grandmother creating these in little dixie cups but some use ice cube tray as well. Using 100% real fruit juice they are great nutrition for your kids as well. Simply pour the mold whatever you decide to use and freeze for hours. Do this at night by the next day at noon they will be ready to go and are perfect for hot summer days

Yogurt cover pretzel rods-
Easy to make, fun for the kids Simply get a bag of pretzel rodsand 8 oz yogurt either plain or flavored. Pour the yogurt in a shallow pan or paper plate and roll the pretzel rod in it. Then freeze for about an hour for a celebration add a few sprinkles prior to freezing

Smoothies -
Delicious and good for them. Fruit of various kinds, ice and plain or fruit flavored yogurt and a blender. Place all in blender and blend.

Snack mixes -
Everyone enjoys a great snack mix and these can be prepared ahead of time in large bunches for many uses. Various products can be used to make snack mixes including popcorn, raisins, pretzel sticks, and assorted peanuts. Put all the chosen ingredients in to a large bowl with a lid and shake well to mix it all up. Then sit back and watch it all disappear!

This summer have fun and create great snacks that your entire family will enjoy

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