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Friday, May 21, 2010

Food Trip Friday : hamburger and horseshoe sandwich

While the hamburger and fries look delicious and oooohh so good. Here in Illinois the delicious horseshoe sandwich is a treat.

The horseshoe sandwich is created with a piece of toast on a plate with a hearty hamburger patty resting on top and covering all of this is delicious french fries. Pour cheese sauce over the top of all this and you have a horseshoe


  1. Yummy burger of course and I love the presentation.

  2. that sounds so sinful! i don't usually use the elevator after eating french fries (LOL).

  3. Looks delicious!

    I am late with my entry but hope you can still take a peek at Spice up your Life

  4. cheeseburger, yum! minsan lang kami kumain nito...kaya when we do we choose the big one; nice presentation, kakagutom :-)

  5. Presentation sold it. Very colorful talaga.

  6. wow, great presentation sis:)


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