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Friday, March 19, 2010

This week in 7 quick takes friday

Wow!!! This week went fast and somehow it is all ready Friday. I can not hardly believe it but here my 7 quick takes :
  1. My daughter has started spending more time with her uncle and aunt. The thing is she has also started to date a boy that frequents their house. I realize that she is growing up way beyond the age to have to listen and obey but she also still realizes we have opinions and she does listen to them. She is having lots of fun at this stage in her life and here is a pic of some fun she is having.
  2. We celebrated St. Patrick's day and had a bit of fun with it. Here is a great recipe you may consider using next year your self.
  3. This week we experienced an outage of phone and Internet when a crew took out the main line. In total 5 counties were out of phone and Internet. You can read about it here
  4. This week I also blogged one of my favorite and my kids favorites songs. The song Temporary Home holds a lot of meaning for us. We know that this is only our temporary home and our final home will be with our Lord in heaven. You can hear the song here
  5. My son had a couple of big events in his life (1) drivers license and (2) passport. We were discussing organ donating and the funny thing was what he was thinking. He remembered that our bodies are only for here on earth and when we reach our destination in heaven we will receive a new one. Is that not great that one day no more pain or troubles and only time for praise and love
  6. The youth hosted a meat sale fundraiser to raise money to go on a mission trip this summer. They made their goal and now the planning stage begins. How super cool. My son looks super forward to it. I will stay behind this time to pray for them as they make their way to their destination to host a block party.
  7. We were getting senior baby pictures in order this week and I could not believe how fast my kids mature. I guess we don't realize while we live life how far our kids actually come. I thank God for all he has done for me and my family

What are your highlights of the week? Share them here.


  1. Great week you had my friend. The ice cream sandwiches sound great. Have a good one :)

  2. wow. drivers license and first passport.
    sigh. am i this old to barely remember what that means?

    thank you for sharing your life with voyeurs like me! ha :)

  3. It's amazing when we hear our children's deep thoughts.

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