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Friday, April 22, 2011

Repeat Post : Egg Coloring Tips and Tricks and Two Great Easter Books


Feed Me Books Friday theme this week is Easter and Spring. I wanted to share an old favorite, a new book to us as well as a few Easter Egg coloring tips with you.

I have another book by Gail Gibbons to share with you today. Gail Gibblons is a favorite author that I shared with my little ones often. I love how she shares concepts in ways that children can understand. The religious aspects as well as the common Easter ideas are covered in a way that children can easily get the concept without going into great detail.

Another great Easter Book to share with you child is the Curioius George Happy Easter Book. Curious George always has lots of fun and so do we when we read what he is up to.
Here are some ideas for coloring Easter eggs something we always look forward to:
1.Instead of dealing with those awful punch-out circles in the dye box, dry your eggs sideways in the egg carton.
2.Rubber bands around the eggs make nice stripes -- on plain eggs for a white & colored egg; or dye once, rubber band, and then dye again.
3.Crayons of any sort can make wax resistance for writing names or making decorations.
4.Buy both white and brown eggs for dyeing -- you'll have bright colors and natural looking colors with no extra work.
5.Julia Child's recipe for boiling eggs is a lot of work, but they come out very well and are easy to peel.
6.Don't worry about cracked eggs -- egg dye is food safe, so the worst that will happen is that some of the dye will color the whites. (Do eat the cracked ones first, though

these tips were found on Parent Hacks

shared on Frugal Friday


  1. Thanks for sharing these books. My kids love Curious George, so that one especially would be fun for us. I also really appreciate the extra ideas you give for decorating eggs. Thank you!

  2. Hello! I've been out of town this weekend.

    Anyway, I like how you took the theme and extended it. I think there's a little Curious George in us all- or at least there should be right?

    Take Care Annie!

  3. The cupcakes look delicious...thanks for sharing...and thank you for your comment on my blog!


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