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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thanks So Much

I just feel as if I have such a bond with many of my blogging friends. For all of you who looked at my blog and thought there was a problem with my header all I can say is you are right. I did have problem with my header and did not know how to figure it out. After working on my blog for about an hour and wanting to a large flea market I left to come back. I want to say thank you to one special person who helped me out immensely. When I arrived back home to check my email I had one there from a dear blogger friend Ilissa. She had helped me out by creating the header I had been working on and sending to me in the email. Thank you Ilissa.

Everything Up Close

You can visit my friend Ilissa at her blog Everything Up Close. Ilissa has several reviews and giveaways currently going on. Ilissa is a full time student who works part time as a community resource coordinator for a non profit organization and also does graphic designs on the side. You can visit her etsy shop EUC designs where you can find many things to use with your blog.

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  1. Wow...that looks better. Glad you got it fixed...Great job. Llissa is sure good at this :)


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