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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Momma Guide review

The Momma Guide
The momma guide for both mom and dads both is a guide book through several tips that may help make your trip as a parent easier. The author of The Momma Guide Traci Davis. Traci grew up on a farm in a time before the cell phones and video games. She grew up with a great sense of childhood. Now days Traci is a mommy, a rancher, business owner and worked as a first responder. With so many hats that Traci wore came skills, talents and knowledge that she would like to share.
Vicki Holleman Perez is the co-author of The Momma Guide. Vicki also grew up on a ranch and was a rodeo queen. Vicki is a mother of twins and has wore many hats being involved in various businesses and community positions.
The Momma Guide took a bit longer for Traci and Vicki to put together because they are moms. After all only moms who do what we do like playing outside with the kids, taking bike rides with the family or running moms cab around tab to take children where they need to go. Task that all great busy moms complete makes for great field work for the wonderful book Momma Guide.
There are 45 great chapters in The Momma Guide. Foruty Five great chapters that are packed full of tips for taking care of your children's eating habits, your children's needs as well as your own and as your kids get older there are even tips for that. Momma Guide is packed full of tips and tricks I am sure there is something that you have been looking for as well.

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