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Saturday, March 2, 2024

International Cat Rescue Day

 International Cat Rescue Day has been celebrated around the globe since 2019 on March 2 of each year. It’s a day to bring awareness about cats in shelters needing loving, forever homes. Approximately 3.4 million cats enter U.S. shelters each year, with roughly 2 million adopted out yearly. There are many reasons these cats are there in the shelters but that is not the point here. What we would like to do is share with all those interested that there are cats out there that can offer love and simply need a place to do that

First if you are looking for a cat to be your pet then please visit your local animal shelter. Shelters set up their own rules and fees so these can differ from place to place. If you are not able to adopt a cat currently but you have extra time, offer to volunteer at the local animal shelter. Thus you will be helping the community and offer all the cats and kittens in the shelter the love that they so want. 

IF you want to help all those cats and kittens but have no extra time considering donating to the local animal shelter. Shelters are always in need of money as well as other items such as blankets, food and beds. Shelters offer cats a place to stay where they are safe but also give all cats their shots that are needed as well. In addition, if you are not an individual that loves that cute kitten stage the shelter also has adult cats to offer. 

If you are all ready a cat owner then on this day please spoil the cat just a bit more. Showing them love, offering a treat can show your cat yoou love them after all they are amazing companions. 


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