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Friday, January 1, 2021

Frugal Soup Recipe or use Up Those leftovers


While I have a large family we often prepare to much and often have leftovers. Sometimes these leftovers will be cleaned up for lunch the next day. But there are other ways leftovers can be used as well. In fact, this soup recipe reuses the leftovers and prepares a new meal for you.

The rule in my house is that leftovers that are on the third day belong to the dog. If you are cautious and put these leftover veggies and meats in the freezer you can save them for even longer. The thing is only freeze the veggie leftovers that you will want to flavor your soup. Likewise with fresh veggies use them by slicing and dicing them up and putting in the freezer. 

Depending on what type of meat that has been saved to put in the soup helps decide what liquid to use. For example if it is beef then use beef broth or if it is chicken use chicken broth. However pork or vegetables with no meat demands vegetable broth.

On soup day:

Whether you choose to use crockpot or cook in pot on top of stove Pour in broth and then add ingredients. There is no need to defrost ingredients. In addition to the saved ingredients add in diced tomatoes if you want or throw in some shredded cheese Perhaps meatballs or noodles is another way you would like to jazz up the soup. 

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