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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Welcome to November and a Great Reason not to Shave

 November is the ninth month of the 12 month calendar year. The name of this month reflects the latin name of the month, Novem. Novem in Latin means "nine". On the Roman calendar November was the ninth month of the year. The country Finland refers to November as "the Month of the Dead" However, both the United States and Canada lends even a different meanting to the moth of november.

The United States and Canada offer a generous relief in the month of November as "no shave November and the chance to grow a beard and raise money for cancer awareness occurs. Many cancer patients will lose their hair due to the treatment that they undergo. By allowing others a chance to grow their hair as they wish while earning money for great a cause. Thus the money that would be used to spend on shaving and grooming as well as money earned by gathering from friends and family to join in on the fun watching your looks change as well as sharing a bit of information that may just be life saving. Find out more information 

Did you also know:

November's birthstone is Topaz and is the symbol of friendship. The orange-yellow color is the most popular among the precious stone but there are other shades as well. 

Novembers birth flower is the chrysanthemum. The golden flower is often thought of as honesty, joy and optimism. 

November plays host to Scorpio and Sagittarius. The two astrology signs are led by Scorpio which takes place from the 1st of November to the 21st of November. After that births that occur from the 22nd of the month to the end of the month are carried by the sign Sagittarius. 

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