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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Mr. Postman Thank You

July 1st is a holiday that celebrates that individual that goes thru the heat, snow, ice, sleet and other terrible weather to deliver our letters and packages. Its high time that we celebrate those individuals and offer them a Thank You!!!! My father was a rural route carrier and enjoyed his job, meeting people and driving his route. Perhaps the best time that he was thanked by those that he delivered to was during the Holidays where they would gift him with all sorts of goodies. 

There have been many famous individuals that have worked as postal employees during their life time. Three presidents were at one time or another an employee of the postal system. These presidents included Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley and Harry S. Truman. Benjamin Franklin himself was the first Postmaster General in the America's. Other famous individuals included Bing Crosby. Walt Disney and Rock Hudson. Perhaps it would surprise you as it did me that Charles Lindbergh was an airmail pilot. 

The mail person is an individual that is seen in our neighborhood and has always been a fixture that we expect to be there. Did you ever stop to think how hard these men and women work to deliver you the packages and letters that you receive?? Postal workers walk an average of 4 - 8 miles a day carrying a bag full of letters and packages. Thousands of postal workers around the USA deliver mail six days a week. Today, don't forget to thank your postal worker. 

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