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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

It's a Rocky Road

If you happen to watch the news, read the news paper or even drive down the road you may instantly see that our world is on a rocky path. With the Covid 19 as well as the rioting  because of  George Floyd death caused by police officers the world is definitely taking us all down a rocky road. However, did you know it was during a rocky road that one of my mothers favorite ice cream flavors came about.

Yes... I did say ice cream. I know that ice cream is often associated with happiness but when this one flavor was invented the world around was not going thru a happy period of time. During the late 1920s the world seemed pretty dire after the stock Market crashed. The ice cream man, William Dreyer created a new flavor to help Americans feel a bit better when the world was so bleak. His creation (while some may disagree that it was his idea) was a creamy marshmallow almond chocolate chip ice cream flavor that individuals still love today.

So you have vanilla ice cream in the freezer but you would like to try to make your own rocky road?? It's easy simply add almonda or pecans, mini marshmallows, and chunks of chocolate. If you want to try rocky road ice cream and don't have time or means to make your own then head out to the market and buy a ctn of delicious rocky road ice cream. 

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