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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Left Handed Awareness Day

August 13th is the day of the year when Left Handers get their just do. Yes,, that is right those who are left hand dominant have their day of recognition August 13th. The day is meant to make others aware of how the world is unique and offers a bit of challenge when a left handed individual lives in a right handed world. Perhaps the unique difficulties allows those who prefer their left hand to draw against the challenge. Perhaps this short list of left handed individuals will allow a glimpse into the world:
  • Barack Obama
  •  Oprah Winfrey
  •  Justin Bieber
  • Lady Gaga 
  • Bill Gates.
I am sure that all of these individuals have faced their own personal challenges simply because they are left handed. From scissors to notebooks school may well have been a challenge all on its own. Left handed awareness day allows everyone in the right handed world to realize the challenges are real. However, the struggles that those who prefer their left hand to work with have adapted and created special tools and utensils in order to learn to work well within the world. 

Only around 12% of the world is left handed. The number, however, is slowly growing and being left handed is becoming more socially accepted. In the past parents and educators would try to teach children that appeared left handed to write with their right hand. History demonstrates strong emotions with individuals who are left handed going as far as having a case in 1860 that believed left handed individuals were in a pact with the devil. 

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