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Monday, July 15, 2019

Are You A Geek or a Nerd??

A few of my memories of summer when I was a kid was that of going to camp. Each year I at least went away for one week and several times I went for a few weeks. Camp was very much like school to me a place to be around individuals and have a bit of fun. Like school mates those individuals I met at camp all had their own personalities

There were the popular kids, the jocks who liked to participate in sports, the nerds and of course the geeks. Yes I said that right there is a difference between nerds and geeks in my opinion. In fact, from time to time I could be considered to fit into either of the groups. While some may consider the terms to be insulting I take them with a stride of life. 

The terms nerd and geek have been in existence for 50 + years. In fact the first time that the word "nerd" was shown in print was in the Dr. Seuss's book If I Ran A Zoo The term nerd often helps to describe someone  that is a bit bookishness, fashion blindness, and social ineptitude. However, the word Geek came about much earlier in time. 

The word "Geek" arrives from the middle English, German and Dutch and means "freak" When the word traveled to the United States the term took on a slightly different meaning. Many times carnival performers would be known as "geeks" For a bit the words "nerd" and "geek" were closely related and could be associated. 

Today, the term "nerd" normally refers to a person obsessed by academic or other esoteric social norms. Often they do not pay much attention to their hygiene, manner of speech, their courtesy On the other hand the term "geek" refers to an individual who extensively studies a single subject Nerds concentrate often on technology or sci-fi subjects and geeks may study a number of subjects including computers, music, film , videogames with much interest. While both nerds and geeks are more than likely very intelligent it has been movies to help satisfy the definition of these categories. 

Think about the 1980's movie and T.V. shows that featured both nerds and geeks. Movies such as Revenge of the nerds and family matters helped to define an outlook appearance for the nerd in all of us. Geek attire has an even wider appearance with clothing lines defining their geekiness. In addition many that consider their selves "geeks" enjoy wearing sporty framed glasses, cardigans and elbow patches or at least that is how many geeks are thought of. 

Today why not sport a bit of your nerdiness and geekiness and have a good time. 

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