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Sunday, December 16, 2018

D I Y Spa Gift Basket

One of the nicest gifts that could be given to the busiest individuals on our list is a bit more time. Since we can not control time the next best thing is to offer a gift that allows them to make the best of their free time. A chance to relax and enjoy one self even if for just a moment or so. One way to do this is to prepare a gift basket full of spa and items to help them relax. 

Items in the basket may include:

  • bath bombs
  • bath salts
  • music CD to relax by
  • scented candles 
  • scented soaps
  • moisturizers
  • bath or shower gel
  • face washer, hand towel, body towel 
  • lotions
  • perfumes and essential oils
  • massage tools
  • favorite book or magazine to read while relaxing
  • any other items that will help the receiver enjoy

Now to pick the basket or container to use. What do you like the best is one consideration, what the receiver will like the best and what does it all fit in the best are others. 

After deciding upon what basket to use the next step is putting it all together and making the basket look like an attractive gift for someone special. Items you may need include 
  • tissue paper is perfect for padding
  • plastic wrap is perfect for covering the basket
  • ribbon, glitter and bows can be used for decoration
  • clear tape for holding pads together
  • card that also explains the nature of the gift basket
Once all the items are in the basket stable wrap the entire basket in shrink bag or film. A heat gun or hair dryer will help shrink the wrap and keep all the items in the basket snugly.

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