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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Medication Safety

Medication is not all that complicated and yet there are so many things that can go wrong. Of course you keep the medicine up where small hands can not get them but what about the one taking medication. Do you realize that medication must be taken as prescribed, if you do not understand what the prescription is it is o.k. to ask questions. Medication should be taken as prescribed in a timely manner and then gotten rid of. Medication should not be taken after expiration date. When all these steps are taken are you sure that you have stored your medication safely?? Now do you understand that there is a lot to be aware of when taking medication

There are so many things in life that comes with directions. Following directions also applies to your medicines too. Taking too much or too little of your medicine may make you sick. Medication should be taken as prescribed. Read the prescription directions on the label. The label should tell you how much of the medication to take and how often. You should never skip taking your prescription and before you stop taking any medication check with your healthcare provider. In addition you should never share your medication

Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you are not sure how your medication should be taken then ask your healthcare provider about your medicine. The pharmacy can help explain the facts about every medicine you take, including prescriptions, over the counter drugs, and vitamins. The pharmacist can share with you any side effects or special warnings or if there are any foods you should avoid while taking the medication. Be sure you know the name of the medicine, what the active ingredient is, what the medication is for, how much of the medication is taken and when, what the medication looks like, know if there are any side effects or special warnings, and if any medications or foods should be avoided.

Medication is no different than food that has stayed to long in the fridge , it can expire. Be sure to check the expiration date on the box or prescription label. Expired medication may not work or make you sick. If you are not for sure your healthcare provider or pharmacist can help make sure all of your medicines are safe to take. 

Medication should be stored safely. Put your medicines away after each use. As always keep the medicine out of sight so that it will not be taken by the wrong person. Ask your doctor, nurse or pharmacist the best way to get rid of unused medicines. There are a few different ways for different medications including:
  • flush down the toilet or sink
  • put in sealed plastic bag with coffee grounds or kitty litter and throw in trash
  • drop off at community drug take back program. 

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